Welcome.  You are embarking on a Journey that will take you beyond your limits and into the potential of your subconscious universe.  Explore the website and learn what Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching offers you on this journey. Leti Stiles' intention is to introduce you to tools, concepts and methods that will assist you along your path to wholeness.

Tools and information onto themselves are just like a tools box on a shelf.  Until they are applied in a skillful manner these tools do not have much value. Hypnotherapy is then the tool that helps you access and utilize your subconscious mind through hypnosis. Tapping into these inner resources and wisdom can powerfully and effectively make the difference in you achieving the desired changes. 

Life Coaching is a powerful tool that provides continual support and intentional focus in achieving specific lifestyle and career transitions, behavioral changes, personal growth and spiritual goals. “Goals are Dreams with Deadlines.”  ~Napoleon Hill

Free Consultation
Leti Stiles offers a complimentary 15-minute consultation by phone to all new clients. In this consultation, she explains what to expect and the hypnosis modality. Experience has taught her that new clients feel more confident and achieve better results when they are able to ask pertinent questions and establish rapport before their upcoming session. Call today 949-233-6321


Leti's intention is to enable rapid change, identify and assist you to release unresolved conflicts or uncover factors beyond conscious awareness resulting in significant improvements.

The goal is to provide you with a set of skills that will facilitate positive changes in your life. Putting you on the right road to bring about change and success, by accessing unknown levels of calm, release stress, clear self imposed limitations and fears, heal unresolved trauma and discover internal motivation.

  • To assist you improve health, self motivation and confidence, emotional balance, habit control, pain management, enhance creativity, life balance and improved performance.
  • To enable you to heal and forgive the past, drop disempowering beliefs and adopt winning attitudes.
  • To empower your highest potential and boost personal power so you become the creator of your life.
  • To provide the highest level of service through compassionate,  and skillful use of the latest, most effective and proven therapeutic techniques available.

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