Leti is passionate about helping individuals fulfill their soul’s journey through their life’s work, achieve life balance, and creative expression and much more.

- Have you wondered why you are not living to the fullest and why you are working so hard at it?
- Do you ask what is the secret to prosperity and relationship success?
- What is my life’s work, what is the path I must follow and stay true to myself?
- How can I live to my fullest potential and live in balance?

Leti is highly intuitive, insightful, and skilled in her approach to working with individuals.  Her training and practical approach and life experience will help you inquire deeply into your own personal power to start living the life you desire.

Leti is highly trained in areas of:

      • Career Transitions and development
      • Personal growth and motivational arts
      • Heart Centered Business communication and strategies
      • Relationship dynamics and sacred sexuality
      • Dating and Relationship success
      • Energetic arts and symbolic soul language

    How is Leti different from other Coaches?
  • Successfully coached and placed over 15,000 career professionals
  • Interviewed thousands of people in various capacities
  • Approach goes beyond the surface and tracks the root cause of blockages
  • Worked as a Dating Consulting for an international dating organization assisting hundreds of men and women navigate the matchmaking and dating process.
  • Trained by John Gray in relationship dynamics on how to overcome conflict and find loving resolution to any relationship challenge
  • Trained in shamanic, energetic and intuitive practices, which helps her understand energy dynamics at play
  • Uses right brain approaches, such as, art therapy; mind mapping, Neuro-sculpting and Emotional Freedom Technique, to by pass the left brain (Ego mind)
  • Rich life experience, personal growth, spiritual training and formal education help her integrate right and left brain methodologies
  • Reinvented herself and transitioned careers successfully
  • Approach is individualized with winning strategies that aligned with your own beliefs and background

Coaching sessions are a deep inquiry into the purpose of your life; how to achieve satisfying relationships, become aligned with your personal power, financial prosperity and creative expression.  Leti helps you discover how to overcome conflict, indecision and challenges with more ease and grace.  An integrative and spiritual approach leads the way to real answers along with practical strategies for each client individually.

How to know your life purpose in 5 minutes


3 Month and 6-Month Programs:

  • The sessions are designed individually depending on your goals and needs.  Leti, will use practical and motivational tools to help you in all areas of your life.
  • Leti utilizes her 30 years of expertise in working with people align to their true passion in life. She will share winning strategies to make the career and life transitions to the ideal new job or business.
  • She will help you find your inner motivation and personal power to achieve satisfying relationships and peace of mind.
  • You will discover how to become more effective as you learn new dynamics of communication and learn to be heard in personal and business relationships.
  • Develop a strong alignment with your authentic self and create your life with passion.
  • Let go of struggle, conflict, self sabotage and live with full passion and connect with the higher and better version of yourself.
Please call for coaching packages.  Pricing is determined on individual needs and duration.

All sessions are specifically designed to your needs
All sessions are conducted privatelywith absolute confidentiality


Soul Coaching

  • Clear the energetic barriers that are preventing you from living your dreams
  • Open to deep soul dialogue, through mindful and spiritual practices
  • Discover a new path to more success, peace of mind by living your purpose
Purchase Soul Coaching:  70 minutes / $125

Career Coaching

  • Assessing your current career options and goals
  • Exploring your career values, vision, and talents
  • Identifying alternative career paths, which are in alignment with your life purpose
  • How your network can assist you, resume development, and interview skills
  • Identify behaviors and beliefs that block you from succeeding in your career path
  • Discover how you may be working against yourself
  • Map out a winning strategy for transition and uncover

Purchase Career Coaching: 90 minutes / $250

Relationship and intimacy coaching

  • Learn the art of conscious relationship and identifying the challenges and gifts of the relationship
  • Find clarity to stay or leave a relationship, find peace of mind
  • Resolve conflict, learn to develop empathic and compassionate communication skills
  • Heal the past and learn new partnership principles
  • Enhance intimacy and master loving strategies by exploring Heart Centered Tantra

Purchase Relationship & Intimacy Coaching: 90 minutes / $150

Purchase Relationship & Intimacy Coaching with Partner: 90 minutes / $225

Dating and finding your soul mate

  • Learn what has changed in the dating world; Online  Dating and is it for you?
  • Profile development and dating services options
  • How to prepare yourself to attract the right partner
  • Be effective in you dating strategies and gain clarity on what is working for you
  • The most important and overlooked keys to attracting your ideal partner
  • Resolving past relationship fully and heart-centered dating
Purchase Dating Coaching: 90 minutes / $125
Packages available specifically for your needs

Leti Stiles - Phone: 949-233-6321 -

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