Group Past Live Regression Workshop
Date: Sunday April 26th, 2015
Time: 12:30 pm – 4:30 pm

$60 Limited Space RSVP - Leti C. Stiles CH.t or 949-233-6321

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Location: Matiz Wellness Center, 26932 Oso Parkway, Mission Viejo, CA

Leti will guide you step-by-step to access your past lives and discover details of who you were in your past lives. This workshop is conducted in a small group for maximum effectiveness.  The workshop cultivates a safe and supportive atmosphere with personal attention and limited to 10 people.

  • Do you feel “stuck” in your life?
  •  Do find that your life is lacking direction and satisfaction in your career, your personal relationships, finances and personal power.
  • Do want you can get pass an issue from your past, heal emotional and physical trauma?
  • Are you “stuck” in a repetitive behavior that no longer serves, but you are compelled to repeat it, and you can’t seem to break free? 
  • Do you feel blocked unable to make progress no matter how much work you’ve done on an issue?
  • How do you overcome these blockages and move forward with your life?

Past Life Regression (PLR)  can assist you break free from old behaviors, heal past trauma, find inner peace and regain your personal power. You can receive inspiration, guidance, real answers and direction to enable you to move forwards to live a more fulfilling life.  PLR can be a wonderful spiritual experience, but it is also a powerful and practical tool to assist you tap into your subconscious mind and help you achieve success in many areas of your life quickly and efficiently.

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