Since the subconscious mind does not judge or analyze information and does not differentiate between positive or negative, it accepts and receives all information coming from the conscious mind, even if it incorrect. The conscious mind on the other is the gatekeeper that analysis and rationalizes linear reality according to ones acquired beliefs and perceptions of physical reality.
These two parts of our mind are not mutually exclusive; they have to work in tandem in order for us to operate in a cooperative and balanced manner. Understanding which part of your mind is communicating helps us, discern between; the conscious mind that only knows the limits of this physical reality or the subconscious mind that communicates through association, patterns, symbolic language and somatic signals. 

Hypnotherapy helps in the process of feeding positive thoughts and influencing the subconscious mind to work with the conscious mind to make the changes in behavior and beliefs system. This dynamic drives our perception on experiences in our reality.  Hypnosis will work with the subconscious mind to resolve conflict between the conscious mind and subconscious mind created by the negative ego mind.  Through hypnotherapy the subconscious mind can override negative beliefs, traumas, and incorporate more beneficial and positive driven beliefs to aid in healing of the body and mind.  

The hypnotherapist can work by optimizing positive thinking and belief systems to affect change and influence the conscious mind to cooperate to make the desired changes.  It is similar to removing a computer virus from the hard drive that allows all programs to work optimally.  Our thoughts determine how we feel and how we perceive our experience in life.  The better we feel, the better we can deal with stress, illness, daily challenges and help our brain produce new neuro-pathways that increase our sense of well being and a positive state of mind.  

Rewire & Evolve Your Brain - Dr. Joe Dispenza

Joe Dispenza, D.C., studied biochemistry at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey, and holds a Bachelor of Science degree with an emphasis in neuroscience. He received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Life University in Atlanta, Georgia, graduating magna cum laude. Dr. Dispenza's postgraduate training and continuing education has been in neurology, neuroscience, brain function and chemistry, cellular biology, memory formation, aging and longevity. Joe Dispenza was featured in the award winning film, "What The Bleep Do We Know?" This lecture provides basic yet powerful information on how to co-create ones day and how to use focused concentration, repetition, and visualization (mental rehearsing) to rewire the brain. These are skills we can all harness.


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