Past Lives Regression - Life/Age Progression

These sessions require a deep exploration into PLR (Past Life Regression) to resolve issues that may be deeply embedded into your subconscious mind and soul memory. Exploring the connections with your higher mind, soul memories can bring about astounding results and a new understanding of your life experiences or a specific life event.

The illusion of time : past, present and future all exist together

It says Einstein's mathematical theory -which we later tested by clock experiment- also tells us that future and past always exist like the present! However, this does not necessitate predestination. "Now" is not deterministic as we know from quantum physics, so neither future nor past!


Past Life Regression session on average take 2-3 hours.  Book your session through PayPal

During these sessions healing opportunities to resolve and release all levels of blockages, conflict, fears, traumas, disempowering beliefs and behaviors may disappear.

  • See personal relationships in a new light
  • Release fear and anxieties linked to past life traumas
  • Clear family dysfunctional patterns and heal ancestral issues
  • Resolve past life traumas at the root of physical problems
  • Gain deeper insight and alignment to your soul purpose
  • Expand and explore transitional states of death and beyond
  • Connect deeply with the Source Energy of “home”
  • Connect to your higher self, guides and angels.
Purchase Past Life Regression: 2-3 hours / $225

The following topics can also be explored through the same methods of deep trance.  We can access information and wisdom by connecting to the higher levels of the subconscious universe.

  • What is my purpose in this life?
  • What happens after death; were do we go?
  • How many times have I lived?
  • Where do we originate?
  • Who are my spiritual guides?
  • Did I plan my own lessons and this lifetime?  Why?
  • Do soul mates exist and who is my soul mate?
  • Meet your Higher Guides and gain insight about your souls progression.
  • Future lives –Life Progressive – explore potential futures.

Brain Activity During Past Life Regression

Dr. Daniel Amen describes how the emotional and memory centers in the brain appear to be activated during a regression analysis on Dr. Oz show. Click on picture to open video in new

Click on picture above to open video in a new tab

Evidence of Reincarnation

Walter Semkiw, MD and Jim Tucker, MD discuss the reincarnation research of Ian Stevenson, MD, which involves children's past life memories that can be factually verified. Children's past lives provide evidence or proof of reincarnation and are presented as reincarnation stories at Dr. Semkiw also introduces the reincarnation case of Anne Frank | Barbro Karlen. Barbro Karlen relates her childhood past life memories of being Holocaust victim Anne Frank. Barbro was a child prodigy writer, much like Anne, and Barbro has the same facial features as Anne. Anne Frank was persecuted as a Jew by the Nazis, whereas Barbro was born into a Christian family in Sweden 9 years after Anne's death. This case dramatically shows how religion and nationality can change from one lifetime to another, an observation that can transform society and make the world a more peaceful place. Note that if the Nazis knew that one could be born Jewish in one incarnation and Christian in another, then the Holocaust could never have happened. Reincarnation research also shows that we plan lifetimes to be reunited with loved ones & to equalize karma from past life relationships.


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