Working with Leti Stiles was one of the more transformative experiences of my life. We went deep to understand and identify the issues, negative beliefs, and unproductive patterns that I needed to deal with and had blocked me from success in my personal life and career.  She helped me to address them appropriately through motivation, coaching,  and hypnotherapy. I highly recommend working with Leti especially to further understand yourself, or feel stuck but lack the tools and insights to address them. I had many breakthroughs while  working with her. — Mark Kelton

Leti Stiles is the coach you want in your corner. I have worked with Leti numerous times as both a mentor and a hypnotherapist and have nothing but praise for this woman. Leti is extremely knowledgeable in the fields of personal development and spirituality, and has helped me reframe and shift some of the biggest patterns that were creating stress and pain in my life. Leti is such a wonderful gift in that she gives her clients invaluable insight into the nature of their own consciousnesses, while at the same time being a loving, guiding and nurturing presence in their lives. I am so grateful to Leti and cannot recommend this woman and her work enough.
— Molly J

Working with Leti was the next step for me.  At the age of 62, I am beginning my 3rd adulthood with Big changes ahead of me.  Leti is a source of encouragement and guidance on this path.  With her knowledge, intuition life experience and true caring she helps others wake up to who they are. Sessions with Leti are "true", her voice, her questions,  her insights and vast tools, along with her 40 years of education create a trusting atmosphere for letting go and allowing ones gifts and inner guidance to emerge.  I recommended her implicitly if you are ready and needing a breakthrough. — Lesley R.

I came in for a session with Leti out of curiosity. After our one session decided I was ready for coaching sessions with her. Our sessions opened my eyes to a new perspective and helped me focus on clearing the past. She guided me with compassion and help me see my strengths. She is very knowledgeable and the hypnosis helped me overcome my procrastination and fears that kept me stuck in my personal and business affairs. I highly recommend Leti as an excellent coach to anyone that wants rapid change. — Mary R.

Leti is an amazing healer with a heart of gold. She provided cutting edge therapy and skill building techniques to help me get unstuck and helped me in moving forward. Leti provided a compassionate perspective in assisting me in working through horrific childhood traumas. She helped me by advocating for my own personal development in finding useful vantage points for expanding my visibility and encouraging resolution. I look forward to continue working with her. — D. Isadora

I cannot recommend Leti's service enough. She has been a god sent,  in a few sessions with her  so much emotional pain has been eliminate from years of a bad marriage and back problems.    I have been amazed how much I have healed in a few months with hypnosis and energy healing sessions.  Regular therapy hardly helped with these issues. I am now on my way to recovering myself completely.  Make an appointment you won't regret it. — S. Garrett

Dear Leti, I came to see you about 1 year ago, my life was a terrible mess, I couldn’t sleep, I was severely depressed and failing in my business. My wife had left me for a more successful man. I let her walk away without a fight. I had three sessions with you that changed my life. I got back on track and read the books your recommended and took your advice to heart. I am transformed because of your kindness and guidance. I closed my business and got into a field I love and I am reconstructing my life and feel like a human being again. I listen to the MP3s you made for me daily, meditate and I am no longer depressed and sleep well. I just met a lovely new woman, I am falling in love. Thank you. — George M.

Thank you, Leti, for your professional guidance. I have been happier and more at ease since our hypnosis sessions. I feel lighter and lighter every day. I  value the work we've done together for it is taking me in a new direction.  After 15 years of sleepless nights and anxiety, I  now sleep every night more peacefully. I didn't realize how much the past was weighing me down. But thanks to you,  I no longer feeling anxious and worried about my life. I want to thank you for your wisdom and kindness. I am no longer taking sleeping aids or anti anxiety meds.  I have a new optimism and renewed hope. — B. Iglesias

Leti, I just want to say  thank you for your time last night and all the help you have been over the last few months with my sleep and letting go of the past. I am doing better today. I was also considering this morning that if it was not for you, I would still be feel anxious, exhausted and filled with self doubt about ending my relationship with him. Thank you for helping me with getting clear. I appreciate your wisdom from your own life experience and non- judgmental approach.  — Maria

Had an amazing past-life regression today with Leti Stiles. She took her time and it was very well done and I felt loved and safe the whole time. Just was an a beautiful experience and it gave me great clarity with some patterns in this life, I would do it again in a heartbeat. Brilliant work, and I would happily joyfully recommend her to anyone. 

I had to let you know that I feel so much better, hardly feeling anxious.  I am feeling much calmer and happier.   I realized I was not nervous when I was at the airport ready to get on the plane.  I usually feel very nervous and anxious when I fly.  I had a good relaxing flight!  — Annie R.

I just wanted to say, Thank you Leti!! Our first session was not what I expected.  I enjoyed  it, it was very relaxing and easy.  I had a wonderful night sleep.  I slept soundly and only got up once.  This has not happened for years!! I will listen to the recording as you suggested.  Thank you for helping me with my insomnia.   — A. Mesmer

I want to thank you Leti for an amazing past life regression session. This was my first time to experience this work and you created a very safe and angelic container for me to go deep and release some past life trauma in my life. So grateful I trusted the call to come for a session. I highly recommend anyone who would like to experience your work. Blessings! Love,  Jennifer— Jennifer S.

Leti, I am feeling so much better since our last session, my back pain is so much less. I have reduced my medication by half in a week.  I am feeling more relaxed during the day and sleep so much better. I have tried so many other therapies, but our hypnosis sessions have been much more effective with my back pain than I first thought.   I have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone.  — Todd M. 

Thank you Leti for a wonderful session.  Here are a few of my thoughts, even though I feel there are no words to really describe the wonderful healing that occurred. I wasn't sure what to expect from our session when I first arrived, but you have created such a safe, loving, serene and peaceful space, that I immediately felt at ease.  Our session was conducted with so much compassion, wisdom and love.  I've spent years dealing with these issues and then, in a few moments with you, so much was revealed.  I feel lighter and brighter thanks to your incredible wisdom.  I have experience such wonderful, powerfully deep healing!  There are no words to express my gratitude.  Sending you love and light! — Lucy

Leti has been an integral component in my successful journey towards self-actualization. She has helped me confront and overcome negative thought patterns so that I can be fully present and mindful in my daily life. I truly appreciate the myriad of ways in which she has helped me make mental and spiritual progress in my life's journey. I highly recommend her services to anyone who is looking for an impactful way to make positive life changes. — Crystal K

Can't believe I found such a great hypnotherapist on Groupon!  I got so much more than I thought.  I would recommend Leti without a second thought.  She made me feel comfortable right away.  I had never been hypnotized before, and I was little nervous at first, but she help me relax.  She was very professional.  Being regressed to a past life was very interesting, but most of all, it help me resolve issues I have struggled with all my life. Three months have past since I saw her and my life has changed.  Thank You!! — Catherine G.

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